1963 Vintage Original Framed Paint by Number Boy and Rabbit & Age of Innocence Oil Paintings

Set of two framed vintage paint by number oil paintings, Age of Innocence and A Boy with a Rabbit from Craft Master, dated 1963.

Original Boy and Rabbit, Henry Raeburn: "Raeburn initially submitted a self-portrait (National Gallery of Scotland) as his diploma work but the Council, which did not permit self-portraits as Diploma Works, refused it. He presented Boy and Rabbit as a replacement in 1816. The sitter is Henry Raeburn Inglis, son of Raeburn's stepdaughter, Ann Leslie. He is shown placing a protective arm around his pet rabbit as he feeds it dandelion leaves...Henry Raeburn lived and worked in Edinburgh, selling his work to mainly Scottish patrons." - Royal Academy of Art


The original Age of Innocence..."is an oil on canvas picture by Sir Joshua Reynolds, painted in either 1785 or 1788... The Age of Innocence became a favourite of the public, and according to Martin Postle "the commercial face of childhood"... The original title was probably A Little Girl, the title of a work exhibited by Reynolds at the Royal Academy in 1785." - Wikipedia

The solid wood frames are painted gold and measure 19" Width x 23" Height. The pieces are signed by the artist, and one is dated on the back. There are hooks on the back for hanging.

The frames are scratched and dinged. There are tiny nail holes at the top middle of each painting, which are partly covered by the frame. There is no backing paper. The backs of the pieces show wear from age and handling.

$500 for set

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