Rodger Dunham Ceramic Tile Folk Art Renaissance Medieval Peasants "Casey's Cheese" Terra Pacific Tileworks

Ceramic tile wall hanging from California tile artist Rodger Dunham (1941-2011) of Terra Pacific Tileworks featuring a renaissance-themed depiction of cheesemaking.

The brown on ivory 7 5/8" square tile reads, "Casey's Cheese: Nature: Dry and of moderate warmth. Usefulness: Softens and fattens the body. Danger: It causes occlusions. Neutralization of the danger: With almonds and honey."

'"I distrust and devalue anything which emerges effortlessly. Therefore value is assigned only, but not always, to that which has been assimilated to an agonized ritualizing process of overcoming risk for self-acceptance. - Rodger Dunham"

Born and raised in Fresno, educated at Fresno State and UC Berkeley, Rodger reluctantly slipped into the tile world in his early 30's. Ten years passed before he built a studio adjacent to his home, formally establishing Rodger Dunham, Architectural Ceramics, where much of his creative genius blossomed, specifically his "autonomous ceramic panels, the making of which serve the personal imperative of the designer to experiment." By the early '90s he was expanding his distribution nationwide as Terra Pacific Tileworks, producing more practical tiles for residential applications. Then with partner Caroline Courtright, the couple moved to Grass Valley where a new studio was built to enhance and ensure future production.' - Tile Heritage

Excellent condition.

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