1950s Original Vintage Oil Painting Seascape Noyo Harbor, Mendocino Fort Bragg California-Dick Daniels

Vintage California seascape oil painting on wood board of a boat near seawalls.

The piece is signed and dated, "Dick Daniels, 3/21/52" and measures 35 7/8" x 23 7/8". The boat appears to be coming in from sea, the water crashing between the two walls, a quiet cloudy blue sky overhead, and seagulls above, below, and beside the boat.

Power lines lines one wall, with large rocks alongside. There is a hill or mountain on the other side with a larger rock out towards sea. There is a bit of smoke coming from the smokestack on the boat and a yellow and green flag raised at the top of the mast.

Richard "Dick" Daniels (1925-2008) was an amateur painter from the Northern California town of Ukiah. Originally from the nearby coastal town of Fort Bragg, Daniels liked to paint coastal seascapes. Many of his seascapes were of the Mendocino coast. ~ The Ukiah Daily Journal

The boat in the painting is marked "NOYO". Noyo is an unincorporated part of Mendocino County, one mile south of Fort Bragg. The Noyo River Harbor is the harbor for Fort Bragg. Several movies have been filmed in the harbor including, "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming", "Humanoids from the Deep", "Overboard (1987)" with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and "Dying Young" with Julia Roberts (Wikipedia).

Large paintings on wood board or panel were popular in the mid 20th century.

There are various markings from age and use, discolorations. The upper right hand corner is chipped. There are scratches and dings to the paint and wood. There are chips in the paint. Overall good condition.


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Original MARY ANDERSON Signed Print Native Girl Female Woman Portrait-Cambria, California

Signed and numbered limited edition (3/25) Mary Anderson lithograph print of a young Native woman, entitled "Nancy".

The figure is a girl or a young woman, covered in a floral gown or blanket, tribal artwork behind her. She has long dark hair and is looking down, peacefully. She has a barrette holding up part of her hear at the back of her head and is wearing long dangling earrings.

The print is shrink-wrapped with a backing board.

Anderson is an artist from the Central Coast town of Cambria, California. She began her career in the 1960s, studying at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, now CALARTS (California Institute of the Arts) and the Otis Art Institute, also in Los Angeles. She rarely displays her work, and it is hard to find. She calls her work "mixed media drawings", primarily drawing and painting figures, dramatic and visually interesting faces. She says her "idols are Michaelangelo [and] Rembrandt" (cambriaarts.com).

Print measurements
Width 29.5"
Length 21 5/8"

There are tears in the shrink-wrapping, and various dings to the backing board. The top edge of the print shows some wear. The piece is undated. Overall very good to excellent condition. 


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Porcelain Pablo Picasso Buste Busta de Femme Nue Dish Reproduction from Marigold Enterprises

Porcelain art dish from Marigold Enterprises, Ltd. featuring an undated reproduced image of Pablo Picasso's piece Busta de Femme Nue, Face from May 15, 1963.

Marigold Enterprises, owned by Marilyn Goldberg (owner of Museum Masters International, "Art, Celebrity, and Exhibition specialist"), held a couple hundred images of Picasso's and mass produced them in Japan on porcelain dishes and other textiles and prints in the late 1990s and 2000s. The dishes are no longer in production and now hard to find.

Museum Masters has for many years distributed the lithograph editions approved by the heirs of Pablo Picasso in the years 1980-1983. Such editions have soared in value, and are the only signed Estate Prints endorsed, and signed by Picasso's granddaughter Marina Picasso. Each edition included 500 signed numbered prints, and 1000 hand pulled lithographic posters (unsigned) stamped with the unique investor code. Following the print publications and coordination of "the Pioneer of Exhibition Merchandise" contracts for ongoing estate owned images where [sic] concluded. MMI entered into signed agreements as The Official Licensee the Estate of Pablo Picasso for art merchandise, including Accessories: Bags, Umbrellas, Scarves, Ties; Fashion/T-shirts; Ceramics & Glassware; Bed / Bath; and Chocolates & Tins, dinnerware. Such agreements covered a span of 1999-2008." ~ museummasters.com

The piece measures 4 5/8" x 3 3/8" with a 1 6/8" rim around the edge.

The back is marked "Marina Picasso Collection Authorized by Heirs of Pablo Picasso". Undated.

Made in Japan

Excellent condition


Vintage Framed MARJORIE SHARPE Original Signed Oil Painting Art FRUIT Still Life

Original vintage still life painting on canvas, signed Marjorie Sharpe (undated), framed in a gilted gold wooden frame.

Marjorie Sharpe is a California artist, the daughter of listed artist Marian Barnett, who is known for her paintings of roses. This is a unique piece among Sharpe's roses and coastal seascapes. The painting features a fruit still life with bananas, grapes, apples, and a guava over a green background.

Measurements: 15.5" Width x 7.75" Height x 1.5" Depth

"Marjorie's natural talents (painting and music) were carefully tutored from her earliest years by her famed artist mother, Marian Barnett (1913-1978); at the age of 11 she was advanced enough to study at the San Diego Fine Arts Gallery. Concurrently, she was becoming an accomplished pianist.

Later, attending La Jolla High School, the University of Washington and Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo), Marjorie won various awards, a scholarship in painting and obtained a California State Teacher's Credential for both art and music. Travel in Europe and two years with the Army Special Services in Northern Bavaria helped to polish her art techniques and understanding to a fine point.

She studied with such internationally-known artists as Leon Franks and Bennett Bradbury..." according to the now-closed Pomeroy Art Gallery in Cypress, California. - Info courtesy of Claudette's Vintage on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/claudettesvintage)


There is a scratch in the lower left hand corner near the signature. There are pen markings on the backing paper.


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Vintage Modern Metal Wall Sculpture Outdoor Garden Art ANGEL FISH

Vintage gold-painted angel fish metal wall sculpture.

Measures 17" width x 28" height and has a loop at the top for hanging.

The piece is unsigned and undated. The metal is heavily rusted. I cannot accurately date the item. The piece weighs 2lbs 4oz.


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Vintage Original Painting Impressionist MODERN Male Nude Portrait California

Original vintage oil and pencil painting on paper of a nude man, framed in a simple plexiglass frame. The man sits, looking indirectly forward, his body shadowed in grays, the musculature displayed clearly in his arms and back. He has thick, wavy dark hair, and a short beard and mustache. He looks peaceful and thoughtful. The background is shaded in red.

Frame measurements: 16" Width x 20" Height - Extra 2.5" on sides and 1.25" on bottom of painting

The artist, George Farrell, was from Modesto, California. He was an art lover and collector, and an amateur artist, painting self portraits and other figures. The piece was painted in 1959 and purchased directly from the artist.

The beauty of the plexiglass frame is how it highlights the art. The painting is all you can see, without distraction.

Note: Wear to cardboard backing in frame. Scratches on plexiglass. Possible fading to original paper. Overall very good condition.


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Original Vintage Mid Century Modern Brass 4 Arch Floor Lamp Nova of California

Original vintage four pronged brass arch floor lamp from Nova of California.

The lamp measures 7' 1" in height. The arches are adjustable from side to side; there are knobs at their base to keep them in place. The base measures 20" x 12" x 2".

The lamp works well in both small and large rooms. There are two light settings, one lower and one brighter with all four lights on at the same time. The base can slide under a couch or bed easily for overhead lighting. 

The brass is scratched in some spots. There is a chip in the corner of the base (please see all photos). The lamp's electricity is fully functional with two settings, one dim and one bright with all four lights on. The base is heavy faux marble.

NOVA of California is a Southern California lighting company dating back to the 1920s. Founded in 1923, their emphasis is on high quality and style.


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Vintage Enamel Candle Holder-Mid Century Modern-HANOVA of Pasadena GRAY

Vintage candle holder with gray enamel.

The piece measures 9.5" in length and the candle holder itself is 8.5" in diameter.

Though this appears to be Hanova, the piece is unsigned. Excellent condition.


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1963 Vintage Original Framed Paint by Number BOY with Rabbit & Age of Innocence Oil Paintings

Set of two framed vintage paint by number oil paintings, Age of Innocence and A Boy with a Rabbit from Craft Master, dated 1963.

The solid wood frames are painted gold and measure 19" Width x 23" Height. The pieces are signed by the artist, and one is dated on the back. There are hooks on the back for hanging.

The frames are scratched and dinged. There are tiny nail holes at the top middle of each painting, which are partly covered by the frame. There is no backing paper. The backs of the pieces are not pristine.

$300 for set

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1960s Signed Original Artwork - Ceramic Owl - California Sculptor Ellen Fergus

Vintage original modern owl sculpture from the 1960s, signed Ellen Fergus, a California Artist.

The owl is partially glazed in an off-white color on the head and face. The glaze goes all the way down the back side.

Fergus was a known artist and sculptor in Southern California during the 1960s and taught classes in clay figure sculpture for the public. From the Arcadia Tribune, February 2, 1967: "The assemblage of wheel-thrown pots into imaginative figures— a fascinating extension of the pottery media — will be presented by Ellen Fergus. Time permitting, she will also demonstrate clay figure sculpture. A graduate of Chouinard, Mrs. Fergus maintains a studio in Sierra Madre and is an active participant in the annual Sierra Madre Art Fair."

The Chouinard Art Institute of Los Angeles was founded in 1921 by Nelbert Murphy Chouinard, and later with the help of Roy and Walt Disney merged with The Los Angeles Conservatory of Music to become what is now the California Institute of the Arts or CALARTS. Famous alumni of Chouinard include designer Bob Mackie, sculptors Ken Shutt and Noah Purifoy, and painter Millard Sheets. (Wikipedia)

Measures 2.75" x 2.25" x 2.5"

The piece is in excellent condition.


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