Original Vintage Mid Century Modern Brass 4 Arch Floor Lamp Nova of California

Original vintage four pronged brass arch floor lamp from Nova of California.

The lamp measures 7' 1" in height. The arches are adjustable from side to side; there are knobs at their base to keep them in place. The base measures 20" x 12" x 2".

The lamp works well in both small and large rooms. There are two light settings, one lower and one brighter with all four lights on at the same time. The base can slide under a couch or bed easily for overhead lighting. 

The brass is scratched in some spots. There is a chip in the corner of the base (please see all photos). The lamp's electricity is fully functional with two settings, one dim and one bright with all four lights on. The base is heavy faux marble.

NOVA of California is a Southern California lighting company dating back to the 1920s. Founded in 1923, their emphasis is on high quality and style.

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