Rare Vintage Phrenology Head Bank Hand Painted

Rare Vintage Phrenology Head Bank. Paper core, hand painted Phrenology Head Bank. Has the original stopper on the bottom and the 35 numbered areas are identified by name on the base of the bank (e.g. Love, Virility, Concentration, Tenacity, Courage, Destructive, Secretive, etc.)

Unique old medical home decor. Marked Made in Japan. Exact age unknown. 11 1/2" height. Hard to find piece.

Condition: Marks and surface wear, chips. Good condition for age. Contact us with any questions, for additional photos, and pricing information.

Original Handmade Art Plaster Garden Gargoyle Face Signed Sculpture Wall Hanging

Signed original handmade plaster gargoyle, signed by the artist, measuring 12" wide x 10" height x 4" depth.

Wide male face, with a tribal dotted pattern around the eyes and a smattering of spokes around the edges. Wide flat nose and mouth. Face sits on a larger flat base creating a border.

This is a striking piece with a lot of character, already mossy and aged, perfect for garden decor or an outdoor wall hanging on the side of the house.

Ready to hang with an embedded hook at the top.

The signature is partially worn off. The last part is "...untela".

Moss. Some dirt. Wear, chipping, from age and use. 

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Vintage Modern Tile Wall Folk Art Signed E MIXANDIDOU Greek Helen Michaelides

Vintage wood framed ceramic tile from with a woman carrying a jug from Helen Michaelides (signed E. Mixandidou).

The piece measures 4.25" x 8 3/8" and has a small hook for hanging.

There is water damage to the wood. There are original imperfections in the tile. Overall very good condition.

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1970s Vintage Original Still Life Painting-Signed Donald Lynch-Onions & Cabbage

Vintage impressionist painting on canvas, signed by the Central California artist, Donald Lynch (1973).

The painting features a table filled with red onions and cabbage, a large blue pot, and a small red mug. The painting is framed in a medium-tone wood frame with dotted detailing across the wood, with a canvas inlay. There is a wire on the back for hanging.

Width 25.5"
Height 21.5"
Depth 2.5"

Donald DeLoach Lynch (1931-2011): Lynch spent most of his life in Central California, working as a florist and teacher. "...Don's love of growing and gardening started at a young age when he learned to garden with his grandmother in Texas. He continued on with a degree in botany, working with Ralph Moore and his roses, and eventually as owner of Condit's Flowers. He also shared his passions by teaching at College of the Sequoias. Don was an accomplished artist and a lover of classical music..."~Visalia Times-Delta

Lynch's still life paintings show his love of botany in their attention to the detail of each individual piece of the painting. 

The painting is in excellent condition. The frame has some scratches. There are a couple discolorations on the inner matting of the frame. The age of the piece, the texturing and glossiness of the paint, and the blurriness of the edges make it highly likely this is an oil painting.

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Original California Watercolor Coastal Farming Landscape Signed - Carol Zupp

Original inland coastal farm landscape watercolor on paper, signed by the artist Carol Zupp.

Zupp is a member of the Alliance of California Artists, the California Watercolor Association, and the Clovis Art Guild. She specializes in watercolors on watercolor and YUPO paper, acrylics, collage, landscapes, and floral pieces.

This piece looks like farmland near the Central Coast of California, between Fresno and Gilroy, CA. The piece is realistic in its depiction of houses and power lines beside the fields. The fields are multi-colored in greens, reds, and browns. The sky is hazy cloudy, like typical coastal skies.

Measures 11" Height x 15" Width

There are smudges on the back side. The piece is otherwise in excellent condition.

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Vintage Stig Lindberg Sweden Gustavsberg Blue Stoneware Von Ming Teapot

Ceramic teapot from Gustavsberg of Sweden, design by Stig Lindberg, in the blue on gray Von Ming pattern. Any piece in the Von Ming pattern (S 555) is difficult to find. 

"Gustavsberg is a Swedish porcelain company that originated in 1826. It broke up in the 1990s and was sold off in pieces, to the dismay of residents of the Gustavsberg, but artisans continued producing ceramics and household porcelain in the Gustavsberg tradition...

Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) was a Swedish ceramic designer, glass designer, textile designer, industrial designer, painter, and illustrator. One of Sweden's most important postwar designers, Lindberg created whimsical studio ceramics and graceful tableware lines during a long career with the Gustavsberg pottery factory. Stig Lindberg studied painting at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. 

In 1937, he went to work at Gustavsberg under Wilhelm Kåge. In 1949, he was named Kåge's successor as art director. From this period until he left Gustavsberg in 1980, he designed individual ceramic items, as well as factory produced ranges and lines of dinnerware. He achieved fame for his eccentric forms and whimsical decoration." - Wikipedia

The teapot measures 5.75" in height and 8.5" in width.

The piece is marked "dishwasher---->oven---->table", and Stig Lindberg Sweden

LE4 - Gustavsberg - Sweden 

The original handle is missing and would have been an Asian-styled wooden handle. There are imperfections in the glaze, some spotting in a small spot on one side, and a spot on the lid. Overall excellent condition.

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Vintage Marianne Wieland Hand-Signed Limited Edition Embossed Serigraph Print "Morning Mountains"

Vintage limited edition serigraph print from Alaskan artist Marianne Wieland.

"Morning Mountains" - Numbered 84/150

Signed by artist in pencil - Artist's embossed initials in lower right hand corner

Frame measures 25" width x 19.25" height

Visible print measures 18.75" x 12.75"

A beautiful image of the sunrise over three rows of light blue-hued mountains, the yellow sun casting a yellow glow across the top of the range.

Custom framed in a gold metal frame with double matting, the outside cream, with a thinner yellow second matte on the inside, closest to the print, pulling out the colors in the print.

"Marianne came to Alaska in 1949 with her father, Buell A. Nesbett, Alaska’s first supreme court chief justice. She studied art at the University of Alaska, California College of Arts and Crafts, and San Francisco State College, receiving degrees in Fine Arts and Science. America Artist magazine featured her in their October 1983 issue, and she has received numerous awards in juried shows.

She is married to Dr. Tryon A. Wieland, an Anchorage family physician, and they have two adult daughters, Jennifer and Allison. Every year, Marianne and her husband choose some remote area of the 49th state to explore, an enterprise that is reflected in her art. She furthers her studies every year with nationally recognized artists." ~ Alaska Synod

Original price sticker on back with artist information and name of print. Originally purchased from The Rendezvous Gallery, Anchorage, AK and professionally framed at Frame of Mind, Anchorage, AK.

Condition note: Print in excellent condition. Frame scratched in a couple places. There are a few specks on the print itself behind the glass, and a tiny imperfection on the glass in the upper left hand corner. Some discoloration to backing board. Undated.

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Original Robert Gray Signed Watercolor Painting COA Framed Cambria California

Original framed Robert Gray watercolor, vintage from 1981, entitled "Santa Rosa Creek Road", the piece features a two-story home with large trees surrounding it, and cows grazing in front. Santa Rosa Creek Road is a beloved scenic drive outside the Central Coast town of Cambria, California.

The piece is signed and dated by the artist, and titled in pencil "'Santa Rosa Creek Road' Cambria, Cal". Framed with a wire on the back ready for hanging.

Beveled solid wood frame measures 21" x 17" x 1.25". Visible watercolor measures 13 7/8" x 9 7/8". Double matted in light brown and cream behind glass. Custom framed at Bob Brooks Creative Framing in Clovis, CA.

The Certificate of Authenticity is loosely affixed to the backing paper and is a form COA for Gray's lithographic prints. Above the lithograph information is written in pen, "Original painting by Robert Gray from Art Tower Gallery, Cambria". It is stamped with the gallery's address and has a photographic image of Gray painting.

The biographical information reads, "Robert Gray was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where he showed an early interest in art and graphics. In senior high school he was the winner of the Annual Scholastic Art Achievement Award.

After a brief term in the U.S. Navy, he was awarded a scholarship from Chouinard Art Institute of Los Angeles where he majored in Advertising Design.

In the years following art school Mr. Gray operated his own freelance design studio, serving as a graphic designer and consultant for numerous companies and institutions throughout the southland.

In 1974 Mr. Gray retired from commercial art to devote himself full time to painting. After experimenting with oils and acrylics he found watercolors to be the most enjoyable and rewarding and is currently painting almost exclusively in this media.

Mr. Gray has studied under such well-known artists as Rex Brandt, Robert E. Wood, Morris Shubin, Milford Zornes and Robert Uecker. He has developed a unique style which reflects the influence of each of these painters but is dominated by a strong design sense and graphic interpretation which is all his own. For the brief period of time Mr. Gray has been exhibiting, his work and name are becoming known in an ever expanding circle. His paintings may be found in private collections across the United States and in many foreign countries and is currently exhibiting in numerous galleries throughout California.

After twenty-seven years in the Los Angeles area the Grays have moved their home and studio to Morro Bay, California where Robert finds a wealth of subject matter among the wharves, boats, beaches and coves as well as the barns and rural scenes of central California. From his home base, Robert's frequent painting trips cover a radius from northern California through Arizona and south to Mexico.

Mr. Gray is a true landscape painter in the sense that all his paintings are done from nature. Those which are finished in the studio are at least conceived and planned on location. This continuous return to nature in search of new ideas and material result in the constantly changing style and fresh, unstilted approach which marks his works.

Mr. Gray's busy schedule is divided between painting, demonstrations, lectures, and conducting workshops throughout California. His work has been exhibited with Watercolor West and he is currently a member of the National Watercolor Society."

Condition Note: Watercolor in excellent condition. There are a few small spots and dings to the frame. Frame overall in excellent condition. Backing paper loosely affixed, worn off with age.

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Rodger Dunham Ceramic Tile Folk Art Renaissance Medieval Peasants "Casey's Cheese" Terra Pacific Tileworks

Ceramic tile wall hanging from California tile artist Rodger Dunham (1941-2011) of Terra Pacific Tileworks featuring a renaissance-themed depiction of cheesemaking.

The brown on ivory 7 5/8" square tile reads, "Casey's Cheese: Nature: Dry and of moderate warmth. Usefulness: Softens and fattens the body. Danger: It causes occlusions. Neutralization of the danger: With almonds and honey."

'"I distrust and devalue anything which emerges effortlessly. Therefore value is assigned only, but not always, to that which has been assimilated to an agonized ritualizing process of overcoming risk for self-acceptance. - Rodger Dunham"

Born and raised in Fresno, educated at Fresno State and UC Berkeley, Rodger reluctantly slipped into the tile world in his early 30's. Ten years passed before he built a studio adjacent to his home, formally establishing Rodger Dunham, Architectural Ceramics, where much of his creative genius blossomed, specifically his "autonomous ceramic panels, the making of which serve the personal imperative of the designer to experiment." By the early '90s he was expanding his distribution nationwide as Terra Pacific Tileworks, producing more practical tiles for residential applications. Then with partner Caroline Courtright, the couple moved to Grass Valley where a new studio was built to enhance and ensure future production.' - Tile Heritage

Excellent condition.

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1950s Original Vintage Oil Painting Seascape Noyo Harbor, Mendocino Fort Bragg California-Dick Daniels

Vintage California seascape oil painting on wood board of a boat near seawalls.

The piece is signed and dated, "Dick Daniels, 3/21/52" and measures 35 7/8" x 23 7/8". The boat appears to be coming in from sea, the water crashing between the two walls, a quiet cloudy blue sky overhead, and seagulls above, below, and beside the boat.

Power lines lines one wall, with large rocks alongside. There is a hill or mountain on the other side with a larger rock out towards sea. There is a bit of smoke coming from the smokestack on the boat and a yellow and green flag raised at the top of the mast.

Richard "Dick" Daniels (1925-2008) was an amateur painter from the Northern California town of Ukiah. Originally from the nearby coastal town of Fort Bragg, Daniels liked to paint coastal seascapes. Many of his seascapes were of the Mendocino coast. ~ The Ukiah Daily Journal

The boat in the painting is marked "NOYO". Noyo is an unincorporated part of Mendocino County, one mile south of Fort Bragg. The Noyo River Harbor is the harbor for Fort Bragg. Several movies have been filmed in the harbor including, "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming", "Humanoids from the Deep", "Overboard (1987)" with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and "Dying Young" with Julia Roberts (Wikipedia).

Large paintings on wood board or panel were popular in the mid 20th century.

There are various markings from age and use, discolorations. The upper right hand corner is chipped. There are scratches and dings to the paint and wood. There are chips in the paint. Overall good condition.

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